Sep. 20, 2018

Alien Agent Full Movie Download

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A lawman from another galaxy must stop an invading force from building a gateway to planet Earth.

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original title: Alien Agent

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Sci-Fi

duration: 1h 35min

tags: Only one man stands in the way of an alien invasion... And he's not even human.

budget: CAD 4,000,000

keywords: alien, showdown, galaxy, dyingplanet, chase, sexinbed, sexinhotel, sexuality, sex, kiss, kissingwhilehavingsex, loveinterest, brunette, longblackhair, sexonfirstdate, femalefrontalnudity, femalenudity

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When a group of alien agents from a dying planet come to Earth under the leadership of Isis to build a portal to connect both worlds, the warrior Rykker opposes the invaders and defends the earthlings. He rescues the teenager Julie, whose family was murdered by the invaders, and together they try to destroy the portal and avoid the invasion commanded by the cruel Saylon. A lawman from another galaxy must stop an invading force from building a gateway to planet Earth. A bunch of aliens come to earth looking to colonize the planet (damned aliens!!). A "good alien" played by Mark Dacascos (who is the Chairman on the US version of "Iron Chef") comes to fight them because the good aliens think they can colonize another planet, and that will not involve wiping out all of humanity. But the weapon of choice for these aliens is machine guns... and man, do they love their machine guns! No laser beams for these aliens! The good alien meets up with a girl played by Emma Lahana, the Yellow Power Ranger in the Dino Thunder series, and she is just as cute and hot as ever, even though they gave her the single most ridiculous body double/shower scene in history (it looks like the body double was from another movie!).

So, sounds fun? Well, it is. If you're expecting greatness -- or even sense and continuity -- steer clear, but for a fast-paced little sci-fi action flick, you could do a LOT worse. I bought this terrible flick suspecting it was a grade C movie, but might be good for a laugh or two.

I was surprised, it was a D movie and full of stupid remarks, forgettable characters, a plot that had an intelligent person written the screen play, might have worked.

How such worthless trashy flicks get the bucks to be produced, much less consumed by what must be children and adults with learning disabilities, I don't know.

The lack of imagination in how the invaders invade is depressing. They're all humans who have been killed, but somehow their bodies taken over by the invaders. I was unable to waste enough time to see this thing to its end.

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